Cannot activate Scriv 3.0 using Wine

I have Scriv 3.0 running in Windows through VMWare on my linux machine. I am not enjoying Windows, even virtually, so I thought I would try Scriv 3.0 using Wine 6.6-1. I have dotnet 5.0.5 installed and winetricks.

If I try and activate Scriv 3.0 using Wine (on the same machine as my VMWare install), I get this error message:

Can anyone suggest a solution? If I can get this working I am happy to uninstall the VMWare install of Scriv 3.0

Moved to Linux forum, where potentially helpful people are more likely to see it.

Note that Scrivener is not officially supported with any variety of Linux.


I’m not using VMWare, but on regular WINE, you need dotnet 4.62. I haven’t tried it with 5.0 or above.

Thanks garpu. I tried again but this time with dotnet 4.62. I received multiple error messages so I gave up. Back to virtual windows.