Cannot add file that contains accented characters

That’s as simple as the title says. Trying to add a file (.doc or .txt format) that contains accented characters (é, â, ï, etc.) in the file’s name (ie: décolleté.doc or rêve.txt) returns an error and a blank text.

What method are you using to add the file, and where are you trying to add it? In version, I successfully used File > Add, dragging and dropping from Explorer, and right-clicking a folder and selecting Add > Files… to add a file named rêve.txt to both the Draft and Research folders. What version of Windows do you have? That could be part of the problem.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I’ve tried all ways to add files. Through the contextual menu (Add > Files…), menu (File > Import > Files…) or using the toolbar button.

I’ve tried adding the files right inside the root of the manuscript or inside a folder (inside the manuscript). Same results.

I’m using Scrivener v. and Windows 7 Premium Family Edition SP 1 (French Canada edition).

The bug really seems to be only related to the accented characters in the file name, because if I change the accented letter for a non-accented letter, the file is imported perfectly. So it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the file format or location but simply with the accented letters in the file name.

Also that bug was non-existent (for me) until the recent 1.5.6 upgrade, so that might be why you can’t replicate it on your 1.5.3 version.

Ah, time for me to upgrade before making responses! That will have to wait till next week. Here in the U.S. we procrastinators are desperately trying to get our income taxes finished. Or desperately avoiding it by browsing forums!

I’ve tried this with several renamed files on Win 7, setting the system to French (Canada) as well, but I haven’t managed to produce the error you’re seeing. Could you provide the text of the message or a screenshot, and perhaps a sample file path? We saw a similar problem a while ago with the PDF reader not recognising certain files if there were special characters anywhere within the file path, and I wonder if something similar is going on here, although again even with renaming various parent containers I haven’t been able to reproduce it on my machine. There may be something specific about your setup that’s provoking this, which unfortunately will make it a bit more difficult to track down. But maybe it’s something simple I’m neglecting…fingers crossed!


I’ve uploaded a screenshot of the error message I’m getting when trying to add files with special characters in the file name (accents, apostrophes).

I’ve tried importing from different paths on different drives. (root of C:/, or D:/Dropbox) and I’m getting the error message in both cases.

Interestingly enough, I’ve started a new, different project in Scrivener to see if the error couldn’t be attributed to a corrupted .scriv file or something.

In the new project, I can’t even import basic .doc files (either through drag & drop or menus), but I can in the old project if there’s no special characters.

On top of that, I now can import files with special characters in the tile if it’s .txt files. Still don’t work with text files. I attribute the new capability to import .txt files with special characters to the uninstallation of LibreOffice. No changes to .doc files though.

Very strange. I just tried creating a short MS Word file. I saved it as Rêve.doc and as 088 Percée.doc, and in both cases was able to drag it into both the Draft and the Research folder. But perhaps this has something to do with the language settings on my computer, or with the specific “flavor” of Windows I’m using.

Did this happen in previous versions of Scrivener for you, or is it a recent development?

What program is creating the .doc files that aren’t importing? Would it be possible to attach a sample to your post here (it needn’t be of your own work, just a new document you create and save that throws this error when you try to import it)? Also try going into Tools > Options and in the Import/Export tab, toggle the option for using the Microsoft Word converters, then restart Scrivener and try importing again to see if it makes a difference.

Hi Jennifer,

Well toggling the Microsoft Word converter option solved the problem (without restarting). I can now import files that I couldn’t before. As simple as that.

MS Word had created the files that weren’t importing. For science, I’ve attached a .doc file here as you asked (with an accented letter, which caused all the problems).

Thanks for the help!
Lorém ipsum.doc (34 KB)