Cannot apply options changes on laptop

I have eyesight problems so need to change all the fonts on Scrivener’s interface to ones I can see. But on my laptop, the Options window is sized so that I cannot reach the Apply button with my cursor - is there a fix for this?

I am running Windows 10 on an Acer Aspire 1 Cloudbook with a 14" screen.

Thank you in advance.

The Options window is 665 pixels high at its smallest. If you screen is at 640 high you should still be able to see the buttons at the bottom of your screen.
Place your mouse cursor at the topmost row of pixels on your screen. If your cursor changes to a vertically double-pointed arrow you can drag down to make the window less high. Then you should be able to drag the title bar up so the buttons come into sight.


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Thank you so much for your reply. Have tried your suggestion of reducing the height. Options window either disappears entirely (!!) or though made shorter, I still cannot drag the title bar high enough to click on the OK button …

Try setting your zoom percentage down from 300 to 250 or even 200. I hope that shrinks the window size too, so you can reach the buttons.

If not, you can use the Enter key on your keyboard to confirm the changes you made in the options tabs, or the Escape key to cancel your changes.

Hope this will help

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Again, I so appreciate your help. :pray:Have tried lowering the zoom but it only affects the text in the Editor. I also tried the Enter solution but all that happened was the text selection box came up again…maybe if there was a way to change the Enter key behaviour. I feel like I’m cursed! :cry: Thank you

No wait - your advice WORKED!!! Changed size of apps in System Properties - voila!!! Can reach Apply now. Thanks again for your help & patience - not cursed after all!