Cannot buy a license (error message)


I wanted to buy a license and all went well until the very end.
When I had filled in all my details, and had authorized PayPal to make the payment, I got an error message stating “something went wrong. Please contact our support before you try to buy again”.

So I sent an email to support but got an auto-reply that it could take days (and possibly even longer) for an answer. It’s apparently very busy.

I’ve been using Scrivener in trail mode only for a few days so I have some time left before it expires. But just to be on the safe side I thought I’d post this here as well in case someone from Scrivener drops by the forum and could maybe expedite the process.

P.S. The more I learn to use the program the more I am falling in love with it. Very, very helpful :smiley:

Update : found the problem. It was my VPN… :open_mouth: I disabled it and tried again and this time it worked.
So the problem was on my end. All good now; I have successfully purchased a copy :mrgreen: