cannot center image

TLDR: scrivener refuses to center an image after compile, despite appropriate measures taken…

Hi guys! I have a doozy of an issue, and I’m hoping someone can help me. Hang on to your seats, and I’ll try and tell you what I have done so far!

(I am running OSX 10.8.3, if it matters. Scrivener and other software are up to date)

I have a background in graphic design and illustration, so I have drawn my own scene spacer and have it trimmed to 150px wide. I am using this in between scenes instead of " *** " I have scaled it down further to 85px wide in scrivener. (I am currently wrestling with another issue - the appropriate size of this scene spacer so that it will appear about seven letters long. Probably a different forum post altogether)

I have tried both “drag n drop” and image tags such as <$Img:feather150px> for the spacer as various methods to get the image in the doc. Please note, the image always shows up.

I make sure the “align text center” box is highlighted in the toolbar. With the image/image tag still selected, I go to formatting and make sure “preserve formatting” is checked. I see the blue box around it. Everything looks good to me.

Then under compile (sending out as a mobi), I go to the formatting tab, click the options button, and select the Preserve Alignment (centered text only) box.

I open the mobi in my Kindle Previewer and on an iPhone 4S. The scene spacer is flushed left, every time. I have tried checking and unchecking various boxes… I have spent perhaps 6 hours total trying to figure this out. I know I am most likely overlooking a simple fix. There must be some vague magical setting lurking in the nether regions of scrivener that needs to be checked as well.

I understand I can use the separators tab and do it that way, but that would require a lot of extra work to divide up a 130,000-word novel down to all of its scenes, so I am leaving that as a last resort. I really ought to just be able to select this silly image, center it, and throw the thing up on Amazon…

Thanks in advance for any lovely advice someone can give me :slight_smile:

The odd thing is that you shouldn’t even need to do anything special for this to work. Image alignment is not treated like text alignment by the software, it is deliberately ignored for the purposes of reformatting. All I have to do is drop a graphic into a text file, hit Shift-Cmd-\ to centre it, then compile setting “Format As” to “E-Book” and changing the output format to Mobi. The result is what one would want for a scene break. I have attached the sample project with the compile .mobi so you can compare it with what you have and look for differences. (94.8 KB)