Cannot change line spacing in one chapter

Grrr. More line spacing problems. For some reason one chapter out of 70 is immune to letting me change its spacing. In the pull-down menu it says it’s set at 2.0 but my eyeballs tell me different (it’s especially evident when I switch to a larger point font). What to do? I’ve checked for superscript problems (font>baseline>use default), tried the spacing both in the toolbar and in the drop-down menus…what to do?


One thing to add here: when I change the spacing for the chapter, three lines change, but the rest of the document does not.

When you say “chapter” I assume you mean a single document?

Did you check all the spacing options? In the dropdown menu, go to “Spacing…” at the bottom and make sure that the inter-line spacing and the line height are what they should be.

Other wacky ideas…make sure it’s the same font/size as your other documents (since you talk about changing the size, I’m assuming you checked this already). Make sure you didn’t switch the zoom in the editor (which would make the text appear a larger size too, but what the heck). Make sure there aren’t any invisible tables or inline images or invisible characters adding an extra space.

Thank you again, MimeticMouton! The spacing was indeed wiggy. I should have checked but I’ll never understand how things seem to change by themselves (which I realize is impossible?).

But thanks. All fixed. Onward.

Yay, glad it’s fixed.

Yeah, formatting can get sneaky at times. If you ever do a paste, unless you’ve done Paste and Match Style, the formatting gets copied as well, so that may have been what happened. Even if you delete the pasted text, unless you back up all the way into other formatting so it reverts, your pasted formatting lingers, applying to any new text you type there. If it’s just a spacing issue, it can be harder to detect than an obviously wrong font.

Ah, very good to know. Extremely helpful. Thanks again!