Cannot Compile .epub or .mobi versions


I am using Scrivener 2.2 using Mac OX Lion 10.7.3 on a Mac Powerbook with 8 G of memory and plenty of disk space free.

I have been regularly compiling a large, for me, project successfully on a regular basis in PDF, .epub and .mobi formats. .scriv file size is 254 Mb. Now the .mobi and .epub compile never completes. They seem to go off to nana land and never complete. PDF compile continues to work.

Basically, I try to compile (click compile button) and it seems to take off. Asks me what file name to save as, then just goes and goes on. Finally, the Cancel" and “Compile” buttons become active again. During this process I see the Scrivener process spike and use 90% of CPU process for 30 secs to a minute, then the process drops to 1-10% and nothing further happens. The file, even a corrupt/short file is never created.

I have shut down Scrivener and restarted. Also reboot the Mac itself. No joy.

The compile to .epub and .mobi works for a different and much smaller .scriv file.

I noted the previous compile issue with footnotes, but since I am using v 2.2 and I do not use footnotes – that should not be an issue. BTW is there a way to find footnote globally in a document? I have not intentionally added any but one never knows what fat fingers can do.

Any help? Ideas?


Can you confirm if you have an empty folder in the binder? There is one other ingredient to a bug that I am aware of that will cause this part of compile to “halt” as you describe, but the empty folder indicator is the easiest to check for. If you do have one, what happens if you remove it from the draft?

To ensure clarity. Do you mean the “Blue” folder or any empty document where regular text is place.

Regardless, I will fill up any empty folders or documents and run now.

No joy.

I have also loaded a Time Machine backup of the .scriv file. It also is stuck and does not complete the compile for .epub version of the document :confused:

Yes, I meant a blue folder in the binder without any subdocuments, an empty folder. That is just a bug that I came across recently, so if you don’t have any of those this could be some other problem, it was something to check.

The 250mb, is this bulk in the research, or in the draft?

There is a lot in the Research. Lots of graphics. I will try and clean that out and do a compile.

The zip file is about 190Mb. I can post to a website where you can download if needed. I will not be able to do that until late tonight – my time – US East Coast.

Bummer - it was working great until Sunday…

Yeah, if you don’t mind sending a copy that would be ideal. These sorts of bugs can be hard to find by relaying instructions back and forth. When you get it uploaded, send the URL to AT literatureandlatte DOT com, attn: Ioa.

File posted to web and email sent!

I am experiencing the same issue. No empty blue folders in the draft folder.

Try the version here:

If that doesn’t help, please give more details (.mobi or .epub or both, OS X version, type of computer etc).

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Thank you! This fixed the issue.

Great! Thanks for letting me know.
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