Cannot compile tabbing within text

I’m formatting some poetry in Scrivener which features several tabbed segments, but when I compile (using the ‘Text and notes use editor formatting’ option within ‘Section Layouts’), but none of the tabbed spacing is compiling.

I was wondering if there was an obvious setting I’m missing when putting the compile together? In Scrivener 2, I never had these issues (using ‘As-Is’ simply treated everything, including tabs, as expected), so assume I’m just missing something.


Hello, Peter.

Attached is a sample project with tabbed text that compiles with the tabs retained.

Does it help you to identify what is happening to your own project?

Slàinte mhòr. (80 KB)

Sorry, I just realised I didn’t clarify that the issue is only with eBook/Mobi compiling and not PDF.

But thank you so much for getting back to me, JoRo :slight_smile:


Ah, tabs are tricky in ePub and Mobi files. How about using indents, as in the sample attached? The image below is from an ePub compiled using indents.

Someone else might have a better idea / solution.

Slàinte mhòr. (75.8 KB)

Thanks for that – I’ve now been able to set some of the simpler tabs :slight_smile:

However, I still need to do some more complicated variations, where there are multiple pieces of tabbed text per line, e.g.

This Is A Tabbed Line

Lol. In the preview the tabbed section looked as I wanted it to, but when posted it removed the gaps :unamused:

This _____ Is _____ A _____ Tabbed _____ Line

As ebooks reflow to each reader’s settings, tabs are usually (AFAIK) stripped out / ignored by the reading device. In short, I am stumped. But I hope someone else can help. If the forum brings no joy, the tech-support channel might be able to offer a solution.

Slàinte mhòr.

No worries, I know it’s a bit of an edge case :mrgreen:

However, as the previous version of Scrivener used to be able to manage it (could be a KindleGen change), I live in hope that there’s a way around it.

If anybody else is interested, I have figured out an unorthodox (and time-consuming) method to achieve tabbing within eBooks … use non-breaking spaces between the words you want separated.

A little clunky, and not really proper, but it works for poetry, which has unorthodox formatting compared to prose anyway. So no real issue there :smiley: