Cannot Compile--this is new

I’m running the latest update of ScrivWin on a Windows 7 computer. I can’t compile documents from a project I created recently. When I highlight the scenes I want to compile in the Binder and then click on Compile and expand to see the include menu, it lists no files or folders at all to be included. All I get is the overall Draft heading in the drop-down box, but nothing drops down. In other words, the Compile functions seems to think that the whole project is completely empty.

I’ve used Compile before to select scenes and export a file of a partial ms. That project file was set up in exactly the same way as the project file from which I’m trying to compile a handful of scenes. Which DO have text in them, a lot of it. What am I doing wrong, or is this a bug that has crept into the new update?

It sounds like your documents aren’t actually inside the Draft folder. Select all your manuscript documents and then drag them onto the Draft folder so that it gets the blue selection border, then drop them so they become subdocuments of the Draft. You should then see them listed all in the Contents area of compile and can set the include/exclude status for each.

Ah, MM, as is so often the way, you have shown me the light.

I don’t know how I wound up creating all those files and folders outside the main Draft heading, but you were right, that is exactly what happened. A simple drag and drop, and Compile is now working just as it should. I shouldn’t have missed that, but I’m glad it was me and not Scrivener that was at fault!

Thank you very much. The responsiveness of the Scrivener experts is unmatched in the world of software, I’m sure.