Cannot create backup:


Updated to 2.7 via AppStore today, but now Scrivener cannot open *.scriv files. It tells me to update the project, and when I try to do so, an error message pops up saying that it cannot create a backup and that the the update has been cancelled. I have lots of space. I’m on El Capitan GM and the last Scrivener beta (was it v2.6.5?) worked.


Daniel =)


Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve actually pulled Scrivener from the Mac App Store temporarily, and I’ve submitted a new build that fixes this bug. The problem is that Apple’s sandboxing security requirements mean that Scrivener is failing to create a backup of the project without permissions to access the folder; it should fall back onto backing up to the automatic backups folder, but if you haven’t set one up, it can’t (that’s the part that’s the bug - it should then fall back on asking the user where to back up).

We’ve pulled it mainly because this is going to confuse a lot of users and leave them stuck, as it’s not obvious how to get up and running. But the good news is that it is a very easy fix - just follow the instructions in the link below, and you should be able to update your projects fine: … e-projects

Again, apologies for the problems this has caused.

All the best,