Cannot delete search word to end search

I’m experiencing an odd little quirk that I can’t seem to solve. When I do a project search for a word that I know appears in several documents the search itself works fine. But for some reason when I remove the word from the search box all appearances of that word in my project continue to be highlighted. If I exit the project and bring it up again, the word I’ve searched for is back in the search box. It seems like a simple thing but I cannot end a search using the basic removal of of the word either by clicking the the “x” in the search box or highlighting the word in the search box and deleting it. It will disappear if I do that but the search remains active. Can anyone please advise? Thank you.

It’s a feature, not a bug.

So what you’re saying in your ironic way is that it’s a bug. Got it. Thanks. The search word disappeared finally but I’m not sure if it was something I did or it just got tired of annoying me. I’m reluctant to run another project search to find out.

If you have no Collections active, the search box will look something like this:
There is the X next to Search Results caption - click this one. It will get rid of Search.

If you do have Collections active, it will look like this:
Then it’s enough to click “Binder” on the list to get back to no-highlight-land.

Thanks so much for the info.

Meaning Search results stay available to you as a special “collection” until you enter new search terms. You can even save those Search results as a real Collection.

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It’s not a bug, and not just because you might want to create a collection (no need to delete the search word for that). It’s a feature, because you can highlight part or all of the search results and enter another search while limiting it to the selection already made, hence nesting search results in a way.

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