Cannot Delete Sidebar Element

Hi Folks,

Looking for some help on the removal of a sidebar element.

For a more detailed explanation, I have created a short screen capture here .

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hy Cynapz,

That’s the Draft folder (although you have renamed it “Test Folder”). There are three folders in each Scrivener project that are fundamental to Scrivener working properly and which you cannot delete or nest inside other folders:

  • Draft
  • Research
  • Trash

(You are free to rename them, though - for instance, you might rename “Draft” to “Manuscript” or “Essay” depending on what you are working in if you so feel like it.)

You can recognise these folders by their distinctive icons - the Draft folder is a white title page with a blue left band, the Research folder is a brown book with a photo on it, and the Trash folder is a waste paper basket.

The Draft folder is particularly important because it’s where you place the writing you want in your final text. When you “Compile”, the contents of the Draft folder get exported or printed as a single document. Anything outside of the Draft folder is used for research, notes, or other support material.

I’d definitely recommend familiarising yourself with the tutorial project if you haven’t already, or taking a look at an introductory video, which go over some of these key concepts.

Hope that helps.

All the best,


Your explanation and correction is much appreciated. I did not realize I had actually renamed the Draft folder. That was certainly unintended.

I will be more diligent moving forward and I will certainly review the tutorials more carefully.

Thank you once again.


A small addition to what Keith said: you have apparently renamed your “Research” folder as “Manuscript.” That will come back to bite you later, as you won’t be able to include documents from this folder in your output document.

I’d recommend renaming “Test Folder” back to “Draft” and putting the components of your manuscript there.


Thank you Katherine. Greatly appreciated. I will initiate your recommendations, and moving forward be extra cautious in any decision to rename default titles.