Cannot delete TAB in a note

Pressing TAB in a note indents new lines but one cannot delete TAB.
To reproduce: double-click for a new note, press tab type you cannot delete it, tab couple more none can be deleted.

Scapple version 1.3.1 (61)
macOS High Sierra version 10.13.4

That’s because it isn’t technically inserting a Tab character into the text—you may note that the behaviour is more like a block indent than a tab, where a fixed amount of space is inserted into the text at that point. It’s a way of making indented lists—primarily of use in conjunction with the Stacks feature. So in this sense it is more like how an outliner works, where Tab indents items beneath other items.

Use ⇧⇥ to promote the note, or un-indent it.

Thank you!