Cannot double-click to create new note


In Scapple I am no longer able to double-click to create a new note. Occasionally it does seem to work, but 99% of the percent, nothing. I double-click with ease everywhere else. I am running OS10.12.5 and Scapple 1.2 (4661).

Any solutions would be appreciated - it’s kind of an important part of the Scapple user experience!

Yup, this is a newer problem I’ve come across as well—I think with Sierra is when it started—I’ve noted other programs struggling with it as well. Apple changed something with how the mouse and trackpad input works, and that has lead to both Scapple and Scrivener’s freeform corkboard mode being overly sensitive to minute amounts of shifting in between clicks. I.e. if the pointer is not 100% stationary between clicks then the event registers as a very tiny click and drag—or the kind of thing you’d do to select multiple notes.

We’ve got a patch worked out to solve this problem and will be getting it out there eventually. In the meanwhile the solution is to just be aware of that and do your best to keep the mouse or your finger on the trackpad as still as possible while clicking. I have found it far easier to use the trackpad if that is a possibility for you.

Also consider that in Scapple there are keyboard assisted alternatives to clicking with a mouse. Cmd-Return always creates a new note—even just Return if you have it set up in preferences—and there are shortcuts for linked notes as well.

Thanks. So the workaround is lifting the mouse up to double-click!

That works good! I keep hoping Apple will adjust the tuning back to where it was—because this is problem in graphics programs I use as well—some for example create a fixed-size text frame if you click and drag, but a cursor point with a dynamic text frame if you just click once. So this new behaviour makes it easy to create a text frame that is a few pixels in size and of course you can’t really type much into that. :slight_smile: