Cannot download Scrivener 3 trial: my antivirus alerts, that exe-file is infected by trojan.clipbankernet.7

I tried to download Scrivener 3 for windows both x64 and x86 installers, but I can’t because my antivirus DrWeb alerted me that either x64 or x86 installer is infected by trojan.clipbankernet.7 and quarantined both files.

Suspecting that neither file was infected before it arrived on your PC. There may be something sinister already living in there.

Never heard of DrWeb. But googling reveals it’s of Russian origin - no offence to any Russians but in software development circles, Russia (along with China) is one of the worst sources of software piracy/hacking shenanigans. Consequently I wouldn’t trust DrWeb as far as I could throw it.

Grab yourself a copy of the free yet awesome MalwareBytes, and run a scan. If there’s anything horrible lurking on your PC, that’ll find it and fix it.

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― Terry Pratchett, The Truth

I concur with GfK. I have MalwareBytes Pro on three laptops. It integrates perfectly with Windows Defender, or whatever they’re calling it these days.