Cannot E-Mail Scrivener file.

I cannot get a Scriv file to e-mail. When I try there is nothing in the file. Said file, when e-mailed, is about 1kb in size, so it clearly isn’t the project in full. What is the deal?

I need to be able to e-mail these files. I find no relevant info with a search for “e-mail” here.

Zip up the file and send the .zipped version. .scriv files are packages, which are essentially folders, and many email clients won’t send folders.

As your Scrivener project grows, you won’t want to e-mail the file.
Try opening a cloud storage account instead.
With DropBox, Box, etc. you can have a shared folder.
Then your recipient(s) just click a link to download.
But as KB says…always, backup the file in a ZIP compressed format.