Cannot edit my daily word count target


I had two targets set. First, an 80,000 total word count, second, a 500 word count per day day mon-fri. After many sessions, and about 15,000 words into the novel, my 500 word count per day target changed by itself to 489. When I try to EDIT, all it will let me change is the 80,000 word total target, which I don’t want to change. The “489” turns blue in the edit mode, but the program doesn’t give me the option to change that data. I can’t put a cursor there, toggle (tab) to it, or otherwise get the box to appear around it like it does for the 80,000 total word count.



Click “Options” and deselect “Automatically calculate from draft deadline”.
All the best,

Thank you so much, Keith. That did the trick. You’re amazing!