Cannot edit--overwriting existing copy! Sort of!

I had this problem pop up literally just before I upgraded to 2.0 from 1.5.4–like, for the first time this morning:

When I try to edit existing text, instead of writing where I put the cursor it changes the text almost randomly within the first ten characters or so of where the cursor supposedly is. It’s making me crazy, especially since Scrivener is what I use all day every day. HELP! I haven’t changed anything, and the problem persisted when I upgraded to 2.0 and then to 2.01

Just to clarify–is the text moving, like you set the cursor and start typing and the whole thing jumps to somewhere else on the page, but you’re still technically typing in the word where you meant to be? Or is your cursor one place but words are changing elsewhere on the screen?

It sounds like you mean the latter, but I asked because if it’s the former you might just be having the Typerwriter Scrolling issue, which would be so much easier to fix. Go to Format>Options and deselect Typewriter Scrolling if it’s on. But I’m afraid you mean something totally different and very strange sounding…

The latter. sob

Editing is about six places off from where the cursor is. So if I edit

her cousins Maria and kJulia

to take the “k” off of Julia I have to have the cursor in front of the last “a” in “Maria.” To make things even more frustrating, at times it works as expected, and then the cursor jumps and things go all a-hoo again.

Just for kicks I looked at “Typewriter Scrolling.” If it’s on, it’s checked, right? It’s not.

Blah. And it’s only happening in Scrivener? Not in, say, TextEdit?

Since it happened just before upgrading, I’d question a recent hardware problem that just revealed itself, or perhaps, if you are working on a laptop, you’ve recently shifted your posture or something, and are accidentally brushing against the trackpad. If you don’t think that is the problem, I would try a spare mouse and see if the problem continues—corded if possible. In rare cases, a new piece of equipment in the house (microwaves, phones, etc) can interfere with cordless computer peripherals. This is less common with modern devices, but not unheard of.

100% is not me touching the trackpad. It happens nowhere else–in no other application. No recent electronics additions. It is a laptop but nothing is attached to it for input–no external keyboard, no mouse.

Another data point: with every key I stroke the entire document “jumps”–the letters jump. And there always seems to be space at the beginning of the opening paragraph. Most suspicious.

I’ve done some testing and it’s just this one file. I’m going to try doing what I did with the other file that wouldn’t convert: importing it into a new file and see if that does the trick. Thanks.

OK, imported the files into a clean new project. Same problem: editing about six steps ahead of the cursor and jumpy text whenever I type.

Another test: Highlighted the text and pasted it into a new text doc in a different trouble-free project. Same problem.

Aha: Took out the formatting at the top with the story title, my submission/address info, word count–boom, problem solved. No idea why. Thanks for walking me through this, and I hope that this might help someone.

Ah, I think I know what is going on. In some templates that information was generated within a table, which would explain the odd blank spaces and so on. The table was invisible, no borders, and never meant to be a part of the manuscript itself—but rather just the title page. This is why copy and paste didn’t fix anything: the table would have copied along with the text.

Ah! That makes complete sense. Thank you!