cannot find a good shortcut that is not already taken

Are there any good (easy to type) keyboard shortcuts that are not already used by Scrivener. I am trying to run a Service from within Scrivener and every keyboard shortcut I can think of is already used somewhere so it doesn’t work…

I installed CheatSheet on my Mac. This allows me to press the apple key to see all the shortcuts of any active program.

Scrivener has SO many shortcuts that finding one, even with Cheat Sheet, is difficult.

Any suggestions out there?

To some extent it must depend on which keyboard you are using (US, UK, French, German?). In my case (UK) the Control, Option and Command keys are all side-by-side. I find it easy to depress all of them at once with my left hand, at the same time as typing a single letter with my right hand. It is very rare for Control, Option and Command to be used together for a shortcut, so you can probably choose almost any single letter on the keyboard to go with them. I use Command-Option-Control-N to invoke nvALT, and Command-Option-Control-D to invoke Divvy, for example.


Let us meditate on the thought that Scrivener may actually have more keyboard shortcuts than Photoshop. Is this an indication that we need yet another modifier key? How about, “Ur” ?

Or for Keith, “Symbol Shift


I’m in favour of the Blount key.

As for how many the program has, yes, there are a lot—but do note that if there is something you never use that is taking up a slot you’d like, you can override that. OS X considers your shortcut preferences at a higher level of precedence than the application’s.

If only spouses were like OSX…