Cannot find 'compile for preview'

I am taking a course which refers to ‘compile for preview’. I don’t have this option (Mac, Scrivener 2.7.1 build 26120). Has it been removed, as I would find the feature extremely useful?

Not sure I understand your request, but it seems that Compile > Format As: > Proof Copy might answer. It will quickly generate an .rtf file of those documents you select.


You can also Compile for Print, then send the resulting output to Preview.

Compile as normal, choosing “Print” from the Compile For: menu.

After the Compile completes, you’ll get a standard OS X print dialog box. Click the PDF button in the lower left corner, then choose “Open PDF in Preview.”


If we are talking about getting something which can be opened in Apple’s Preview app, then any way of getting pdf output will fit the description. Via Compile for Print as suggested above or Compile for Pdf.

But ‘compile for preview’ is a very odd way to specify the output your instructor wants, because it does not really describe a file format, per se. If the instructor wanted pdf output, it is puzzling why she did not just ask for that.

Are you sure you have understood your instructions correctly?