Cannot find word count feature

Hi folks, I think I might be going senile, but I cannot seem to find the word count feature!

I’m using the Mac OS version of the software, running version 3.1.5.

Looking through the forums, I see plenty of references to the footer bar, and that’s where I thought the word count would be, but it’s not there. Nor can I see any word count tool in any of the menus at the top of the application (I would have expected there to be one, either in the Edit menu or maybe the Documents menu.

Can someone enlighten me? Have I unwittingly turned off the feature or something?


Project>Show Project Targets

Preferences -> Editing, at the middle, “Live count shows” sets what is displayed in the footer.

Thanks. This does not quite capture my anxiety however, because I know/knew that the document word count (plus, if a block of text was selected, the selection workd count) should appear in the bottom centre of the footer bar.

On further inspection, I found that other documents in my project did have the missing word count. It was just that one single document on which it was missing.

Furthermore, the same problem manifested itself on the iOS version of the app. That one document refused to show word counts!

Then I noticed that the offending document had a weird yellow logo.
Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 16.51.28.jpg
That seems to make the document of a different kind to the other documents in the project. What is it? How did it get there?

Somehow you’ve accidentally put that document into scriptwriting mode. Usually this is because the keyboard shortcuts for comments (cmd-shift-8) and for scriptwriting (cmd-8) are similar. A slip of the shift key will do it. :slight_smile:

To fix it, just navigate to the document, put your cursor in it, and type cmd-8 again. Your icon will go back to normal and your word counts will reappear.

Hope this helps!

From that picture, it looks like you’ve accidentally set the document ‘Essay’ to Scriptwriting mode (you can tell because the icon is yellow rather than white). Docs in Scriptwriting mode have their own footer bar. Press cmd-8 and it will toggle back to ‘normal’ mode.