Cannot get forum`s RSS feed


I generated RSS URL for my bookmarked posts, but it produces an error:

I do have 4 bookmarked posts and I am running Feedly as a reader.

What can it be and how to fix it?


If you are using a reader that is basically another website service, then you may have better luck making sure the RSS settings avoid account specific factors. Set it to a chronological interval instead of “Since My Last Visit”, for example. These options will work better in local clients that can make use of your browser cookies, or in browsers or readers that support cookies themselves. An external site isn’t going to have your authentication tokens available.

I use NewsBlur, which is a web-based reader, and I’ve managed to get it to work with a few tweaks like this.

Setting a chronological interval instead of “Since My Last Visit” makes all the difference. It works like a charm now.

Thanks, AmberV.