Cannot get new "files" to show scrivenings by default

I’m working on a paper and I created a folder for quotes. Within that folder, I created several text entries. After a while, I decided it would b easier to consolidate a few entries under a single heading. I dragged them to one of the other text files created a ?folder?/?file? (I can convert it to a folder, so perhaps it’s a file) In another area of my project (the document part), when I click on a similar heading, scrivenings are shown by default. In the one I created, I have to manually select the scrivenings setting each time I click on it. I can’t figure out how to make scrivenings show by default, and I don’t see anything in preferences, nor do I see a properties setting for the file I created. Any help is appreciated.

My guess is, you would prefer the setting “Treat all documents with children as folders” turned on, in the Navigation options tab. This will cause all containers (anything with subdocuments) to act like folders. Whether or not a group view mode is selected when clicking on something is one of the primary differences between “folders” and “files”, in daily usage. This option blurs the line even further so that only single-ended files with no children will display the text editor under all circumstances.

That looks to have done the trick! Thanks :slight_smile: