Cannot Get Out of "Lock Group View Mode"

Hello and Thanks in Advance

I first noticed my problem when I tried to create a new document.
a new document appeared called “Untitled”
I typed in a name for the document
and then … the document remained “Untitled” – it did not take my name.
Also, no text could be entered in the Editing window.

I wondered if there was a locking feature in Scrivener …
and then I noticed that under:

VIEW --> Editor

Lock Group View Mode … this was checked.

By clicking on it, I could not “uncheck” it …
Can someone tell me how to get out of this
Locked Group View Mode ?

UPDATE: … It is the new files that are made that are in this “Locked Group View Mode”
other files and folders are not.
So the heart of my problem is: I cannot add new files to the project:
they remain “Untitled”, and text cannot be added to the Editing window.
Also, when I click (in the Binder) on the untitled file, the Editing window says “No Selection”

Thank you again