Cannot get past S. number error message

Also cannot get computer to respond to Video Tutorial.
What to do? :smiley:

Found my problem on registration acceptance. Almost impossible to tell the difference between a zero (0) and an (O). I was entering the wrong one. :blush:
Now to my second problem. I cannot get the video tutorial to download. Have no idea why it doesn’t work unless Scrivener software does not like the fact that I use Firefox as my browser. Have to switch to Microsoft

Glad you got the registration working! For the video, are you having trouble loading the page via Scrivener’s Help menu, or are you unable to download and play from your browser? The former is probably just an issue with a proxy or security setting on your computer, preventing Scrivener from accessing the internet, but you can just get around it by going directly to the webpage yourself:

Note though that most of those are Mac videos, so not all the features covered are available on Windows at the moment. What you’ll probably find more helpful is the introductory video using the Windows version, which you can download as a .mov file here (or watch in your browser, with a QuickTime plugin) or on YouTube here.

Thanks for supporting Scrivener!