Cannot import file

I’m not sure if I;’m going crazy here but I cannot import a file into a scrivener project on iOS. I used to go to the little import icon thing, press it and one of the options would be dropbox. I’d click that and navigate simply through dropbox to the file i want, click on it and it would import.

I often write text files on my phone notes and save to dropbox then import into scriv iOS. Now, two days ago, I did just this, and I wasn’t paying particularly close attention to how i did it but it worked. Today I went to do this again, but when I click the import icon, there is no dropbox option, it just takes me to Apple’s atrocious semi functional Files app. I cannot see a single file in there… I may be being crazy because I -obviously managed to do this same thing a couple of days ago, and I think, must have been through files (i remember that something odd was going on because every time i imported a file its icon changed).

I have no idea why Files has been adopted into the process, it;’s a truly awful app. Dropbox was great. I read that files doesn’t even display any of teh sources it claims to, just files that are on the local drive. I can’t get it to display any files whether local or not, when trying to impout.

Files stinks for sure, but it does let me get at stuff that’s in Google Drive as well as Dropbox…

Try this: Start your import. Once in Files, keep tapping the Back/Locations link in the upper right corner until you get to the screen below, then tap Dropbox. When I tried it, I was able to import stuff from Dropbox just fine, even though I had to use Files’ crappy interface to do it.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, I appreciate your reply, but i had done that. I’ve just looked more exhaustively and found there are large numbers of people for whom Files doesn’t work at all - in as much as it just displays a blank page for all their drives and cloud storage etc (with occasional exception of iCloud). Reading further, it appears that Apple have juts released an incredibly buggy app that is non functional to a large extent, while attempting to do something no other operating system has a problem with (who would have believed it…) :slight_smile:

I went back to check i wasn’t going crazy because i couldnt understand how i managed to import files yesterday. Turns out im not. On trying to import again, after about the tenth attempt, the files app started displaying files rather than blank screens. It also continually glitched, coming up with some message about not being able to establish remote proxy. This meant it needed restarting,

In short, the files app is broken. Has been for some time and given apple’s record with this sort of thing, and inability to facilitate quite basic computer functionality in such apps, it’s a really poor downgrade of scrivener iOS that it is now going through files rather than dropbox. For me personally it means the app is now semi functional as every day i need to upload notes from dropbox and cannot do this at all reliably, whereas before it worked perfectly. I dont know if this was a design choice, or apple forcing the horrendous ui choices and flaws of iOS onto apps functioning within it but it needed saying. :slight_smile:

Hey, if it’s broken, it’s broken. :smiley: I haven’t experienced problems myself, but it’s not something I use on a daily basis.Good luck!