Cannot import for docx

Just got the program and am trying to import a word doc
I get a general error message after it spends a few minutes trying to convert the file to rif. I have tried dropping it in draft and research. It is around 450 page document. I do not know if it has edits with track change feature from MSword. any help would be nice.

I had to accept all changes in doc and then in a non temp-let version it worked.

In video tutorial, they showed word document comments on a side view in separate window. For me they were embedded in the doc. how do I have it in the review mode on the tutorial?

Glad you got this sorted. Word’s Track Changes is not compatible with Scrivener, no, so you’ll need to work with that in Word and accept or refuse changes there before importing the document. Comments are imported, as you saw; in Scrivener, they become inline annotations (which when exported again to .doc, .docx, or .rtf will open in Word as margin comments). The video you are referring to uses the Mac version (most of the videos on the website do at present), which has an additional feature for keeping comments in the Inspector, a la margin notes; this will be coming to the Windows version but is not yet available.

Thank you.