Cannot import Word doc into Scrivener

When I attempt to import a 32k Word doc (.docx) file from Windows 19 into Scrivener, a document is created, but it has 0 words in it (see screenshots #2). When I attempted to drag and drop data into the Scrivener document, the result was disastrous. Screenshot #4 shows how it appeared in Scrivener. After I imported the file, the message in screenshot #4 began to pop up repeatedly. Even after rebooting the laptop, every one of these issues continues.

Failure to save a document is often caused by antivirus software getting in the way. You can usually stop that by opening your antivirus software and whitelisting Scrivener.exe.

Error clearly shows Access Denied
Agree try with real-time Virus checker off.
AVG has been giving a lot of false positives.
I have had no issues with Windows Defender + Free Malware Bytes