Cannot install beta 1.6

I downloaded the newest build of the Scrivener for Windows beta but I cannot install it. When I attempt to run the installer (either normal or as administrator) nothing happens. I don’t get the Scrivener logo or anything. I am running Vista x64 and have tried redownloading the file. Can anyone help me out?

I can’t either… The exact same thing happens to me (Windows 7, 64-bit, purchased late 2009.)

Same thing. Windows Vista.

Hello, I had this problem too (running Windows XP). I looked on the other threads and first installed the Microsoft Visual C++ file in case that was the issue (some users were getting error messages when using XP) from … laylang=en.

But still no luck, so I downloaded from most recent link Lee posted the Windows Bug Hunt thread (from 5 Feb): … taller.exe.

It’s about 44MB. The file ran, installed and now everything seems to be working OK…a little bit slow to open. Hope this works for you too!