Cannot install Scrivener 3on Mac OS High Sierra

I first downloaded Scrivener 3 on December 22 2017. When I try to open the dmg file a window shows it is verifying the file (slowly) and then the window disappears. I get no further with the installation process. I have tried downloading an image file on other days and installing but the same thing happens. Any ideas?

Same here. It downloads but it won’t open. At all. Tried multiple times.

Do you both have anti-virus/malware software running? Some of them can interfere with the installation process.


I disabled Sophos scanning, placed the image file in my Sophos excluded items list and rebooted my machine. I was then able to install Scrivener 3 successfully. (I don’t know if all of my steps were necessary)

It might well have just been the reboot. We’ve seen a few reports of this in 10.13 where the DMG subsystem appears to malfunction, and a simple reboot clears up the problem. Fortunately it’s that simple. Older DMG-related Apple bugs from the pre 10.7 days require reinstalling the operating system. :slight_smile: I’m not sure if any of those are still around, but if anyone simply cannot get the DMG open for whatever reason, get in touch with support and we’ll send you an alternate link to a .zip file instead.