Cannot install updates due to not originally installing Scrivener to default directory.


Title says it all really. When I originally installed the software I installed to a differnen drive as I prefer my OS drive to be just that with no programs running from it. I have the usual Docs/Images/Downloads all mapped to another location off the C: drive too.

The problem I have is that downloading patch 3.0.1 it assumes that Scrivener is in it’s predetermined default directory. Normally when updating other software you get to ‘point’ the updater to the correct file location and off it goes doing it’s business, however the Scrivener updater just closes when it cannot find the default directory.

Has anyone who sets up like this found a way to update Scrivener without the the in app updater?


Can’t you just download the full version ( and install that to your current location?

Hi Subbeh, I also install programs and keep all my data off the c: drive.

I installed Scrivener 3 in “D:\Program Files\Scrivener3”. When it updated last week, it notified me when I first ran Scriv that day, and I let it update from inside Scriv. It downloaded, exited S (or maybe it exited first?), installed into the installation on d: and then relaunched S without any problem. Picked up all my settings, etc. Just to be sure, I confirmed just now that it is indeed running 3.0.1 from d:

Without using the in-app updater… I imagine that if you downloaded the installer now on the L&L site, and installed it into your preferred location, all would be well?

Why not use the updater, I wonder?

Having the same issue - have installed in a non default folder, used the check for updates / installer route but keeps exiting. Using windows and attempting to update to from 3.0. I’ll try the workaround but would expect this to work. It used to work in the beta version if I remember correctly.

error message:

Error trying to install file: destination ${installdir} resolved to an empty value. The application will exit now.

Direct install succeeded and noticed that I hadn’t even used anything other than the default install folder for the program files. C program files/ scrivener3 is the default right?