Cannot link between documents [BUG LOGGED]

I cannot create links from one document to another. I’ve tried various ways, but it fails every time. What happens is that the link is created, and if I click it, it’s working (the document I’ve linked to opens in split view). But if I select another document and then go back to the first one, the link (including the text that is the link) has disappeared.

Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately, I can’t replciate this error. Can you please provide even more granular step by step instructions.

This is slowly driving me crazy. The error vanishes, then pops up, then vanishes again.

Anyway. The first time, I had copy/pasted a few lines of text from the Internet, and the word that I linked to another document (inside another folder) was already a hyperlink.
Then I went to another document, created in the same way, and linked it in the same way to another document.
Going back to the first document, the link and its text has vanished.

Then I created new folders and new documents, linked them across folders, and the error is gone.

Going back to the first two folders, the links stay or vanish completely at random. :confused: But if I restart the program, the links have vanished in the first two documents, but not in the new ones I created when trying to replicate the error.

I’m sorry that I can’t be of more help.
But I think that it somehow is connected to me copy/pasting text and hyperlinks from the Internet, then trying to link between documents. When linking text I have typed and not copy/pasted, the links stay. I haven’t tried copy/pasting any other sources.

I found another thing connected to links. If a link is at the end of a sentence, and I then hit “Return” to get a new paragraph, the next thing I type is just a continuation of the link in the paragraph above it.

No that’s great - it gives me some context. There’s two issues here, there’s the link from pasted text - which I’m guessing is related to our rich text parser - which we know we have issues with.

The second is the link at the end of sentences. Both, we’ll need to fix.

In the interim try pasting any rich text style text you want to link with in Scrivener into Microsoft Notepad and from Notepad into Scrivener - this will remove any rich text and format elements that you might not be able to see but are there. This should prevent them from vanishing and re-appearing randomly.

Regardless I have raised both as bugs we’ll need to fix.

Thanks for taking the time to report them.