Cannot make Backup: "std::bad_allocation"

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I tried changing the location of the backup. Both ways, it’s not working. This is the error I get every time:

Help! :slight_smile:

That kind of message can pop up when the program tries reserving space for itself to work with but finds there’s insufficient memory for the operation to succeed.

Does the project getting this error contain recently-added images (embedded in a document or imported into the binder)?

You can try using the Windows zip function to make a backup of the project folder when it’s closed in Windows, just to get a backup–right-click the .scriv folder and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder”. Does that work or produce the same error?

I’ve definitely got both space and RAM, so it isn’t that.

And thanks for the suggestion! I know I can zip it manually, but I’d really hope to find a way to do it automatically.

Right, the manual zip was more by way of testing and a temporary solution so you at least have a backup. The only time I’ve seen this error before in relation to Scrivener, it’s involved images in the project, which is why I asked about that.

UPDATE: I discovered it was only ONE project that could not be backed up.

Through trial and error, I further discovered a weird thing: a photoshop file, which I had not edited or touched in months, was the cause (so MimeticMouton was mostly right).

The strangeness is that file hasn’t been touched in ages. I still don’t know why it SUDDENLY started malfunctioning (and, for the record, it opens in Photoshop without any problems at all), but that was the reason for the bug. So now if anyone else experiences it, this might help!