Cannot manage icons without first saving the project (Version:

Scrivener Version: Version: (1238528) 64-bit - 23 Mar 2021

I open a project and immediately go to make changes to the custom document/folder icons, everything works. I make a single change, and the “manage icons” option is grayed out. I save the project and can manage the icons again.

This is frustrating behavior because it at first appeared to happen with my projects ported over from version 1.9, which made me think it was a problem with the import. Even getting a pop-up saying “Save Before Managing Icons” would be preferable to the current state.

That’s not what happens here. I added 3 icons and applied them, one at a time. Manage icons was never greyed out. I don’t know what could be different there.

(It says Mac at the left, but I have both and I tested this on Windows.)