Cannot move index card in stacked view

I view several folders containing documents in cardboard mode, so that content of al folders are shown as a number of cardboards with lines between them (Stacket cardboards is a very useful feature!). However, when I try to move cards around between the folders, I can only move them to the first four folders. The vertical line that normally appears between cards when I drag and drop cards, is only there in the first four folders, and if I try to drop the card in one of the other folders, it places itself in the first folder.
Of course there are other ways of moving documents, as in the binder or outline mode. But I guess this must be a bug?

Thank you, there are issues with both vertical and horizontal stacked corkboards and drag and drop that are very easy to see. I was going to suggest using the keyboard shortcuts to move things around directionally, but it looks like that is broken as well.

We’ll get these written up.

Thank you!
(it was all I wanted to say but the forum doesn’t allow me to write shorter posts than 20 characters, so here are some more :slight_smile: )