Cannot move note stacks (back to the past... beta)


Having some difficulties moving larger stacks in scapple 1000. Highlighting the stack and click-and-drag does absolutely nothing. The stacks contain about 50 notes moved into scapple from the scrivener binder. Smaller stacks seem to move better.

In the problem scrapple, I click-and-drag a number of smaller (10 notes) stacks into scapple… and then a few larger ones. The larger ones are immovable.

I have reloaded scrapple 0901 and recreated the scapple and am having no problem at all moving stacks of any size. Not having the control+zoom in this old version is a nuisance. I have already bought scapple 1000 and look forward to using it again.

Pressing issue: scrapple 0901 will expire in two days (October 15). Any chance of extending the beta expiration date or helping me work around this issue?

Thanks for the great product. Use it all the time.


have found a temporary work-around for: not being able to move larger stacks in scapples/maps created with scapple 1000 and not being able to use scapple beta 0901 after the 15th.

created a scapple and loaded my scrivener info using scapple 0901, but work with the resulting scapple using scapple 1000. this allows me use of the bug free-er scapple and also moving larger note stacks is now possible… although it seems much slower than under with the beta version.

I’m afraid I’m not at all clear what you’re doing here and what isn’t working. Could you provide a step-by-step or a screencast of the problem? There may be a bit of delay trying to move 50+ notes, especially if they’re lengthy, but I’m not reproducing the problem of them not moving at all.

As a workaround, you could try just moving the top note to wherever you want the stack, then selecting it and then the others and using Notes > Stack (Ctrl+’) to re-stack the items below the top note in the new position.


ok. will try to reproduce this issue… as soon as i figure out screencasting.



have not gotten around to getting screencasting running since i have been busy getting some work done. unfortunately, some of this work is a bit hindered by this issue i am having with the scrivener to scapple connection.

i created my scapples usng beta 0901 but working with them using scapple 1000. this works just fine. except now the beta might have expired…

i will screencast the problem when i have more time and focus.

still having the same issue with scapple 1000: if i select and drag a section of 40 or more titles from scrivener into scapple i cant do a thing with them. i cannot even select and drag the top title to effect the work-around suggested by MM. i can select and try to drag anything i want but nothing happens. nothing moves. nothing changes.

if i select less than 30 titles, all seems to work just fine… except for one oddity…

under scapple beta when i moved a stack of titles (always worked fine no matter how many titles), i clicked and dragged, and the text of the titles would follow the cursor to the new location. when i move a stack of titles (less than 30) under scapple 1000, the title text does not follow the cursor. there is a pause and the stack just appears in the new location.

will try to provide more info later. thanks.


this one has been a real problem for me. created a screencast of the issue.

the stack with about 25 notes can be moved and split with no problems. the stack with about 40 notes is immovable. no amount of selecting and clicking and dragging is effective.

please advise as i have purchased scapple but have gone back to the beta versions to do work.



occured to me that the “moving larger stacks” problem may somehow be rooted in my scrivener project.

so i created a shiny new scrivener project with 50 dummy titles in the binder. and a new scapple.

same thing.

when i moved (select, click, drag) 30 of the titles into scapple - no problem. all scapple functions worked.

when i moved 50 of the titles into scapple - problem. could not move or separate titles at all.

hope this helps in finding a solution so i can start using scapple 1000.


Thanks for the screencast. I’ve reproduced the problem now and it’s on the bug list, so hopefully the developers will be able to figure out what’s triggering the problem in the 1.0 version and get that fixed for an update.