Cannot move project over

In short, I have Scrivener on my Macbook. I have a new pc and will be doing the majority of writing work on it from now on. I moved my scriv folder to windows, but I don’t seem to have this scrivx that seems to be required? Just wondering if there is something I am missing. At this point I cannot load my project into WinScriv.

Lost and confused…

The .scrivx file is contained inside the .scriv folder–on a Mac, the .scriv folder appears a single file and you double-click that to load it, but on Windows you’ll see it as a normal folder with an extension, and to open the project you’ll have to first open that folder and then select the .scrivx file inside it.

See, that’s the thing. There is no .scrivx file in my folder. I did a direct transfer… I do not know why it is not in there, everything else seems to be. I’ll check my macbook to see if its in there as well.

Ohh…Are you using a Mac 1.x project? Only 2.0 projects are compatible with Windows Scrivener, so you’ll need to upgrade your project to 2.0 first before you can bring it over. You can download the Mac trial and do that, but 2.0 projects aren’t backwards compatible with 1.x on the Mac (since the file structure changed, in part to make them useable with Windows), so if you want to work on the project on both your Mac and PC you’ll need to use Scrivener 2.0 on the Mac.

Yes, that fixed it. I downloaded the trial 2.0 and used it to update my scriv folder. Everything seems to be working okay thus far. Thanks for the tip!