Cannot navigate with mouse

I am running Windows 7 and though Scrivener will run, I cannot click on (navigate to) areas (binder, views, text editor, etc). I can navigate using the tab key until I get focus in the editor which then converts the tab key to actual text tabbing.

The main problem is the app just doesn’t respond to most mouse clicks. For instance, in the Corkboard section, I can click to highlight notecards, but that’s all – no way to add text, no way to click in the binder area, only tab navigation works, and this is intermittent at best.

This problem occurs in all views. In fact, even in the “New project” or “Start up” window, I cannot click on anything, not even the Save as… text field. I can only Tab navigate.

I searched the forums for this issue and found nothing. Are there known software incompatibilities? Apps that should not be running in the background?

There is a known hardware incompatibility with Wacom tablets, are you using one of those?

No, not a WACOM, just a plain vanilla Acer laptop - Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1, 3GB RAM, Pentium Dual-Core.

Is it the laptop trackpad you are using; and if so what brand is it? You can find that out in the Mouse control panel; they usually insert the trackpad drivers as a tab in there.