Cannot open a project file and cannot update application

I am running version 3.1.4 on MacBook Pro Touch Bar. I have not used Scrivener for a year and when I try to open any file I get a message saying file is already open in another copy on my MacBook. There is only one copy running and I have no external drives. The second issue is when I try to update I get message saying Scrivener is running from a read only device or disk image. Help please as I urgently need to access documents.

First, download the latest version of Scrivener from the main website and drag it into your applications folder. If that works, it should take care of the issue with updating.

Since you’re confident that the project isn’t open simultaneously on another computer (as can be done when using a cloud-sync service like dropbox), you can just click the button that says to open it anyway.

Where does the Scrivener application live? Did you actually install it into your Applications folder, or are you launching it from the .dmg disk image file that is provided for installation? The .dmg file is read-only, if I remember correctly.

As rdale says, you can simply download the latest version and drag the Scrivener binary into your system Applications folder to install the latest and greatest. Then, you can eject any Scrivener .dmg files that are still hanging around open on your system – they’re no longer needed. (This is a good general practice for any software you install on a Mac, BTW.)

You can also get this message if you are running the Scrivener .app file from the downloads folder. Usually resolved by dragging the (not the .dmg) into the applications folder

Thank you for all the responses - I will try a new download. FYI Scrivener is in my Mac application folder and I launch it directly from there; Also , if I try to open a file “anyway” I get a Scrivener quit unexpectedly and an Apple problem report.

EUREKA … downloading the latest version 3.2.2 solved all issues. Thanks for your input.