Cannot open client's document

I cannot open a document – keep getting this message:
“xxxxx xxxxv2 Copy.scrivx is
the main structure file for a project, but
other required files for this project could
not be found: the /Files/Data and /
Settings folders are missing.”
What does that mean and how can I read her manuscript??

Ask her to send the whole project (not just the Binder), probably best as an archived backup (.zip), which is easy to create:

File → Back up → Back up to…

Pay attention to the checkbox!


It is like you were sent the index (the .scrivx) but not the files to go along.
You don’t actually have the whole project.
That’s why @November_Sierra’s is your solution. A zipped backup contains the whole of it.

Plus, zipped files when sending stuff over the net are less prone to corruption. (Or if something wrong did happen, you know right away. – The file just won’t unzip.)

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