Cannot open file and do not respond

Using Scrivener yesterday. This morning after just updating Intego virus barrier
Scrivener doesn’t work.a message " Capture d’écran 2015-02-09 à 10.54.08.png
I uninstall (using Appcleaner) and install Scrivener from App store…
I start with a new project : it works…
When I try to open one of my projethave a message HPdlp déjà ouvert.png
I click on "make a copy : I got a message Hpdlp inex.png, I try to open again this same project, have the message “Hpdlp déjà ouvert”, I click on "continuer " : it works.
I try to open a second project and have the same messages, but, at the end, it does not work, I got a black screen with a very small project impossible to read, this beautiful Mac flying saucer and when I come on the main window, the first message : Scrivener doesn’t respond ! :cry:

It is okay to ignore the “already open” warning, that will happen if the software crashed with the project open since naturally the software didn’t close the project normally in that case. I would not repeatedly use the “Make a copy” button, that is only for if you are not sure that the project is open on another computer but want to get some work done anyway with the understanding that you’ll need to merge them together by hand, later.

So the first thing I’d do is go where you saved this project and clean up all of the duplicates that have been created. That will only get very confusing eventually.

Could you get a screenshot of that, the “very small project”? That isn’t a familiar description. That aside, I will say this sounds a lot like what can happen if a corrupted web page or PDF files has been imported into the project. A good way to check to see if it is only something in the project is to instead of trying to load this project, create a brand new one just as a test, using the “Blank” start.

Thank you for your help.

I solved the problem in the interval by opening the last “.bak.” save of my work, deleting all others folders and modifying my preferences, so Scrivener when I start it won’t open projects opened when I Closed it. I’ve also created brand new projects and had no problems…

But I’m afraid there is a bug somewhere !

This is the screenshot I’ve made of the “very small project”. due to the limitation in the number of files attached, I didn’t post it.
I have now a new problem :when I Try to join this attachement :

and I “preview” it, I see a all black screen with a comment under it : "Ecran presque noir.jpg (47.62 KiB) Not viewed yet " ?!

So I cut this screen with Photoshop to reduce it at about a quarter of its original size,

I can see, by moving my mouse, this " very small project" lost in the night of the black screen…

Thank you again, for your help and the job you do on debugging !

Glad to hear you found a good backup. It sounds as I suspected, that there was a bad file in the project that was repeatedly crashing it. If you find yourself without a good backup, it is usually easy to fix the project by going into the project package with Finder and removing the offending file.

Okay, so with the tiny window in a black screen, what steps are you taking when that happens? I’m assuming this doesn’t always happen or you’d have a hard time verifying that the project bak was fine, so what is being done differently when you get this result?

Also, I noticed that the Binder and Inspector appear to be using their “slide-out” forms, which are only available when using OS X Full Screen. Does this problem on happen if you use Full Screen mode?