Cannot open project: Dropbox problem continues

I’ve combed through the dropbox threads here and I still can’t find a fix. So, apologies, but I’m starting a new thread.

I’m only using a single device (MacBook) and the Scrivener project in question has always lived on dropbox. I get the “older version…couldn’t locate…renamed binder.scrivproj” error message. Indeed, binder.scrivproj had been renamed binder.autosave (and binder.backup). So I manually re-renamed one of those to binder.scrivproj.

I had to manually designate the app to open the file, and when I chose Scrivener I got the following paradoxical error message:

“binder.scrivproj” could not be handled because Scrivener cannot open files in the “Scrivener Document” format

What’s happening here?

binder.scrivproj is the name of the file format from 1.x. Scrivener 2.0 uses binder.scrivx. Could you please give more details?

All the best,