Cannot open registered Mac project on trial version Windows


I am having a problem as follows

I have a Mac and a Mac version of Scrivener. The Mac version is registered and paid for.

I wanted to try out Scrivener on my Windows laptop so that I can work on my basic text away from my Mac.

I have downloaded the trial version of Scrivener for Windows.
I have transferred a copy of my .scrivx from Mac to my Windows laptop.
I did this by copying my main .scrivx from Mac to my Skydrive folder.
I waited until it had fully uploaded then closed and turned off the Mac.
I then downloaded it onto my Windows laptop.
I waited until all changes were processed and then copied the .scrivx folder to my desktop so that I was out of the cloud syncing environment.
I then attempted to open the project on the Windows trial version.

It is simply not working. If I doubleclick on the .scrivx folder inside the first .scrivx folder, it launches Scrivener to the title screen reminding me it is a trial version.

If I use the ‘open project’ from the Scrivener menus (from anywhere) and double click on the folder, it just hangs for a moment or two and then nothing.

Is this a compatibility issue - am I doing something wrong - is it related to the fact my Mac copy is registered and my Windows is not? Desperately want to make sure it will work before I pay again for a full Windows licence.


Susan, what version of Scrivener Mac are you using? You’re not still using 1.x are you? You have to be using v 2.x to make your project compatible between the two.

Mr X

As Mark says, Scrivener 2.x projects from the Mac are compatible with Windows. Older versions don’t have a .scrivx file, however, so I’m assuming you’re working with an up-to-date project.

First, make sure you have a backup of the project on your Mac. Since it sounds like you just copied everything to Windows, I assume the original is still safe, but you can right-click that and choose the “Compress” option to make a zipped backup in case.

Then check for any duplicate or “conflicted” files in the project’s .scriv folder (the container folder–you’ve called both “.scrivx” in your post, but the outer wrapper–what you see as a file on the Mac but as a folder on Windows–is “.scriv” and the inner project file, which you only access directly on Windows, is the sole “.scrivx”). I’m not sure what Skydrive would use to indicate a conflict, but I imagine some kind of appended text on the file name saying which computer the file came from and that it had gotten out of sync. Specifically look for more than one project .scrivx file, regardless of the naming. Remove any of these extras from the project folder–just put them somewhere outside of the project for now, rather than deleting them, in case you need to re-import their contents (if there was a sync error, you could have some newer content in the files that you might want to rescue). Then try opening the project again in Windows.

Thanks for the suggestion.

The problem was Skydrive, even though I was careful to take steps as discussed in the faq to remove my work from the syncing environment.

I loaded it onto a usb drive and the thing opened straight away.


I have exactly the same problem - checked - no duplicates anywhere - copied project to usb - windows fails to open it at all. Tried two different machines - one with Vista - one with XP - both do nothing. Using the latest version for MAC and windows.