Cannot open Scrivener project from laptop on desktop

I just had to bring my laptop in for repairs and I am trying to continue
work on my project in Scrivener. I have transferred my project files over
using a removable hard drive. I installed Scrivener today on my desktop.
When I try to open the file, it says that it was created in an older
version of scrivener and asks if I would like to make a backup and update
it. My choices are “yes” or “cancel”. I have been choosing “yes”. It makes
the backup, but that is all. It doesn’t open my project. If I try to open
either the older file OR the backup, I get the same prompt that it was made
in an older version of Scrivener and would I like to back it up and update it. It is an
endless cycle! What do I do?

I downloaded the older version of scrivener and updated it. Then it opened my file from my old computer. Strange!