Cannot Parse RTF File - Work around question

I’ve been using Scrivener for Windows since February with little problems, then over the last few weeks it’s become nearly unusable. Any time I open an old file or start something new I’m stopped by a 'Cannot parse RTF file" and then it gives me a number. It goes down the list, about twenty files in a row if I’m working on a large novel.

I’ve had to go into the file and collect everything and start working from Word again, and that’s frustrating because I like this program so much!

I found this work around:

But I’m confused. I’m supposed to rename Scrivener rtfi? Or the file name of my project? How do I get into my directory? Can I just right click and rename the file? Can someone in the know please give me a step by step guide on how to get around this for Windows 7?

Thank you.

(Anxious to start working on my novel again!)

Edit: Okay, so I was able to get into the program file director and find Scrivener, but there’s already a file named ‘rtfi.exe’ in there. Gah. So confused. What am I missing?

Yeah, the one you found in your postscript the one you want to rename. Just change that to “disabled-rfti.exe” or something, so that Scrivener can’t find it and use it.