Cannot remove yellow highlight after commenting

Something funny happens with my comments, here’s the scenario:

  1. I comment text in the editor (by marking text in the editor, then clicking the comment button on the sidebar, which opened a sidebar text bubble and highlights the marked text in the editor light yellow and the font a light blueish hue)
  2. Sometime later I remove the comment (by clicking the x at the sidebar, at the comment’s top left)
  3. The comment is deleted but the text I initially marked in the editor stays highlighted bright yellow

Couldn’t find a way to be rid of the yellow highlight, except:

  1. rewriting it in a new black line and deleting the highlighted portion.
  2. restarting Scrivener

Note: If I create a comment and shortly after delete it - the editor highlight disappears completely, as expected. It seems like the issue appears only if the comment was there for a day or more, maybe only if I restarted Scrivener while the comment was there.

Version: Scrivener MacOS 3.3.11 (15588)


If by this you mean the same thing I mean when I say ‘by selecting the text in the editor, then…’, then that gets one possible gotcha out of the way!

What you are referring to in Scrivener’s terms is called Markup. And indeed when you delete a Comment its corresponding Markup in the text should always get deleted as well.

I cannot reproduce the behaviour you are describing—yet. Because I just read your posting a few minutes ago. I created a comment in a test project and if I remember to open it again tomorrow we’ll see.

Did you try Text Editing/Hide Markup and right afterwards Show Markup? Does that change anything? (By the way, you can change the behaviour of Hide Markup under Appearance/Textual Marks.)

And another question: Do you sync your project?

Hi @suavito
Thank you for the info, the good news is that I now can’t reproduce the behavior either. It happened 2-3 days in a row, and now it’s not happening.

Text Editing/Hide Markup - I couldnt find this. did try Toggle Highlighting, which did noty help.

And another question: Do you sync your project? - everything Scrivener I hold in a Dropbox folder, so in that sense it’s synched.

Will update if the issue reappears.


That’s good news indeed. And I still can’t reproduce the behaviour. So whatever it was, let’s hope it’s gone for good.