Cannot Save As Template

I recently purchased Scrivener for Mac, version 2.3.1 (20116), running on an iMac with Mac OS X version 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

I’m attempting to create a Project Template. I opened a file from another template, made my changes and attempted to use File > Save As Template…, however I receive the following error message:

Searching the forums I found this previous issue – [url]editing built in templates? - #3 by linn] – that indicated the problem was with permissions on the ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/ProjectTemplates folder.

Normally, that would give me a clue where to start . . . except I have no Scrivener folder in Application Support (neither in ~/Library/Application Support, nor in /Library/Application Support).

Has there been a problem with installation, thus the absent Scrivener folder? How do I save as template?

Since you bought the program from Apple, that means it will be sandboxed, which means that it does not use the ordinary user folder system for storing settings and working data. Everything goes into a special “Container” which emulates your user folder but is otherwise quarantined from it and inaccessible to any other software. To get to your support folder, use the main Scrivener menu and use the “Reveal Support Folder in Finder” menu command. That will take you to the sandboxed area where Scrivener has permission to work.

As for this specific problem, it in fact has to do with an error in this sandboxing setup, rather than permissions. We accidentally left a process in the template creation system open instead of sandboxed. So it attempts to use the normal Mac temporary folder system without your express permission, and thus fails. We’ve already got the problem fixed for the next release, but in the meanwhile if you really need to make a template you can download the direct-sale version from our website and use that to make the template. Do be aware however that since it is not sandboxed and uses the normal Mac filesystem to work with, templates you create with it will not automatically appear in your sandboxed template chooser—those are coming from the protected space. Thus, select the template you created, and use the Options menu to export it as a transportable file. Now you can close the direct-sale version and use the MAS version’s Options menu to import the template.

Alternatively you can just set the project aside for now until we get the bug fix passed in Apple’s review system and make the template later. For now, selecting the project in the Finder and hitting Cmd-D to duplicate it (while closed!) will suffice as a “template” system. :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll Cmd-D it until the update. Any timetable for that?

Thanks for your answer.

It’s impossible to provide an estimate for when a fix will be available. After the update is submitted to the iTunes store, it can take anywhere from a week to a month for them to get around to looking at it, and then often they have some thing they want changed and so it all has to start over again.