Cannot save compile settings

When I open the compile window, there is no button to save the compile settings or load compile settings. This seems contrary to every image of the compile window I have found online, in which these buttons are clearly visible on the bottom left. I am using Scrivener 2.2. Can some kind soul tell me how to save compile settings please?

From the manual:

“23.4.1 Saving and Managing Custom Presets
Compile settings are saved into the project whenever you compile, or hold down the Option key and click the revealed Save button. There is no need to repeatedly save to a preset in most cases.”


Or, if you want to save your own presets, select “Manage Compile Format Presets” from the bottom of the “Format As” menu. That allows you to save and share your settings between projects.

All the best,

Thanks chaps, got it working!