Cannot save

KB: “you’ll lower the probability of an issue to reasonable levels.” and I stated that it works 99.9% percent of the cases.

If you turn OFF Dropbox syncing during your writing session you should NOT expect any issues. If you have Dropbox running while you edit your project you have the amount of “reasonable level issues” as KB wrote, or the other 0.1% which I wrote.
May be putting numbers is not perfect in this case, but have in mind that I did not write 99% and 1%, but 99.9% and 0.1% on purpose to show that it is a very low probability, but still happens.

No one has ever stated that working in a shared Dropbox folder is recommended and is bullet proof. As I wrote two services which work on the same set of data is likely to cause trouble at some point. Hopefully not, but with the next update of Dropbox for example, who knows. The two services Dropbox and Scrivener do not work in cooperation, but completely standalone from each other on the desktop.

For experienced and sophisticated computer users this will probably work for years, without issues. Tomorrow a Scrivener newbie with little computer knowledge comes, and reads that Scrivener works with Dropbox without issues here in the forum, and next thing we get in the support queue is “Your st…id program lost my work. I want a refund. etc.” Believe me it has happened more than once and we keep on getting reports on data loss from users who write on a shared cloud location. Most likely it is due to some user error most of the time, but it does happen.

I will repost the words of a user in this thread: “There I have done it for many years(writing in a Dropbox project location) without problem (or, rather without problem as long as I was careful to let Dropbox sync before opening the project… learned that the hard way)”
There will always be another user who will learn this the hard way. Be careful guys.

After some reconsideration today we decided to do some further adjustments. The next version of Scrivener for Win will use the old algorithm(direct file write) when you work in your project in a shared cloud folder, and will use the crash-safe file save algorithm in all other cases. This will work only if you do not change the name of the root folder of your service Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud. If we find “Dropbox”, “Google Drive”, “OneDrive”, “iCloud Drive” in your project file path we will assume that you are writing in a cloud sharing location. This should reduce the amount of troubles you experiencing when you write in a cloud sharing folder and give you enough safety when you write outside of it.