Cannot scale down large images

Windows 10 Pro 10.0.18363
Scrivener Version: Beta (1120018) 64-bit - 25 Nov 2020

I cannot scale down large images in Scrivener, and have not been able to for several months (though older release candidates used to have this functionality).

Steps to reproduce:

  • Insert a large image into a document (such as … t_Dusk.jpg)
  • In Scrivener, right click the image > Scale Image… > Reduce the x points to something like 300
  • Expected behavior: the scale of the image in the document changes OR an error appears saying that the image is too large
  • Actual behavior: nothing happens, fails silently

The only workaround I’ve found so far is to reduce the size of the image in another editor (for instance, reducing the width in pixels to 1000 is sufficient) and then importing it into Scrivener allows it to be scaled down. While this is workable, it also takes considerably more time than before when the image could be scaled natively in Scrivener without any dependence on a third-party program.